The mission of the SAID CRC is threefold: awareness, advocacy and support.


The SAID-CRC carries out diverse educational events throughout the year to increase the awareness about colorectal cancer in Lebanon and inform the public about the importance of early screening. The ultimate goal is to augment the total number of men and women being screened in the absence of any symptom starting at the age of 50.​

We take part in health forums and conferences, distribute educational flyers, give informative lectures, and participate in talk shows on the local television and radio stations.  (we can add a link here to go to activities already done).


The SAID-CRC advocates:

1. Involving doctors and general practitioners in advising patients about the necessity of early screening starting at the age of 50

2. Putting the major decision-makers (ministry of health and international health organizations), in the picture of the most important actions for the prevention of colorectal cancer in Lebanon:

National screening program

Patient access to high quality screening.


1. The SAID-CRC team members help in directing people to reliable laboratories for FIT and taking appointments to those who ask for help in that matter.

2. The SAID-CRC shows compassion, knowledge and understanding via support groups linking colorectal patients, survivors, and caregivers.


We are open to partner and join forces with other organizations that share similar vision and goals.